Hypor Libra

Our commercial F1 sow: sustainable and strong

The Hypor Libra is the most sustainable sow in the industry. She has been selected to produce uniform, healthy piglets, with a target of 16 functional teats, and the capacity to deliver 16 total born, 15 born alive, and 14 weaned. From one litter to the next, she maintains her own health and thrives in your operation for a long and productive life. Hendrix Genetics is setting the standard in sustainable swine breeding by providing a commercial F1 sow with excellent reproductive efficiency, who produces high quality piglets that become valuable finishers.

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Hypor Libra selection criteria

Benefits of the Hypor Libra

Most efficient sow

The Hypor Libra is selected to be a productive and efficient mother. This means you can get the most value from your sow with little management involved.

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Highest quality piglets

The Hypor Libra consistently produces uniform, healthy piglets at a heavier birth weight. We know that heavier piglets are at a strong advantage right from the start.

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Valuable finishers

With balance between traits, the Hypor Libra can add the most value to your operation. We recognize that the sow is 50% of the finishing pig.

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Our standards for sustainable swine breeding

Functional teats

The number of teats and the position are important. We are working towards 16 teats in total: 4 sets above the navel and 4 sets below the navel.

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Litter characteristics

Our target for weaning capacity is set at an optimum of 16, 15, 14. Our sow is selected for 16 functional teats and the capacity to deliver 16 total born, 15 born alive, and 14 weaned.

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Piglet birth weight

Piglet birth weight is proven to influence lifetime performance, with heavier birth weight piglets being more likely to survive and reach market in fewer days.

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