Hypor Kanto

The premium pork quality

Premium quality pork without a premium cost of  production. Highly marbled pork with superior color and  water holding capacity. Ideal for supplying demanding export markets, fine dining establishments and better food retailers.

Hypor Boar Kanto

Our fastest growing terminal line

Hypor Kanto crossed pigs exhibit the fastest growth of all terminal sires in our boar portfolio. This boar is selected to deliver exceptional growth rate and meat quality without excessive fat.

Durable, low-maintenance pigs

Our focus on function, durability and robustness makes Hypor Kanto perfect for systems with health, environment or labor challenges. 

High uniformity on farm, high consistency in plant

Increased uniformity on farm results in better production efficiency and marketing effectiveness and consistency in carcass composition and meat quality is essential for satisfying the most demanding of premium markets.

Hypor drawing grid meat quality

Class-leading efficiency

Pigs don't need to be fat or inefficient to produce Japanese-specification pork. Hypor Kanto produces the meat quality desired by premium markets without excessive fat or feed.

Industry leading meat quality

Hypor Kanto is the terminal boar of choice for dedicated systems producing high quality pork for premium overseas markets and growing quality-focused domestic markets.  

Where do we select for in the Hypor Kanto?

Hypor Selection Index Kanto

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