Hypor Kanto

Our meat quality Duroc sire line

The Hypor Kanto is our Duroc sire line with the most premium pork quality. Finishers sent to the processing plant have uniform carcass characteristics and pork quality that meets and exceeds premium market requirements. In the finishing barn, Hypor Kanto finishers have outstanding growth and are added value finishers for niche and export markets. This all stems from high quality piglets at birth with heavy birth weights and vital piglets at weaning. Hendrix Genetics is setting the standard in sustainable swine breeding by providing a Duroc sire line that produces high quality, uniform progeny with exceptional meat quality characteristics.

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Hypor Kanto selection criteria

Benefits of the Hypor Kanto

Superior meat quality

Across research and commercial trials, the Hypor Kanto consistently exceeds these targets for both the domestic and export markets. Exceptional marbling is a distinct advantage for the Hypor Kanto.

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Fast-growing and added value finishers

The Hypor Kanto is our fastest growing sire line. Across several trials, Hypor Kanto finishers show an average growth of 1000g per day from 25-130 kg (55-287 lbs).

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High quality piglets

Piglets with heavier birth weights are more likely to consume enough colostrum, survive to weaning with greater weights, and become full value finishers in fewer days.

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Our standards for sustainable swine breeding

Carcasses hitting the grid

"Hitting the Grid” is dependent on the market and slaughterhouse, but of the full value finishers that reach the market, we strive for 98% of these to hit the grid.

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Piglet birth weight

Piglet birth weight is proven to influence lifetime performance, with heavier birth weight piglets being more likely to survive and reach market in fewer days.

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