Animal breeding focuses on producing improved offspring. Genes determine many of the desirable qualities of an animal. We select animals with desirable qualities and breed them to produce even better offspring. The overall breeding goal of Hypor is to produce pigs that thrive under all conditions to support pork production at least cost. To support this goal we aim for:

  1. The fastest genetic improvement, the most efficient and a secure gene flow
  2. The best genes in a biologically balanced & economically profitable animal
  3. A well-balanced product portfolio of sire and dam lines to meet market demands
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Product Development

With a combination of genetic evaluation, phenotyping, CCPS, Genomic Selection and our technology investments we estimate the value that breeding animals pass on to their offspring. Our Research & Technology scientists work on quantitative genetics to further improve the way by which multiple measurements are scientifically turned into estimated genetic values. Using DNA technology and bio-informatics our Hypor experts translate massive amounts of lab results of DNA testing into predictions of genetic merit.

Pedigree and performance data of millions of animals are stored centrally with our own software engineers ensuring the newest features and functionalities in database and data entry technology. Interfacing with sow management systems is carried out worldwide to connect BioHypor clients.

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Hypor Abe

The Research & Technology Center capitalizes on the synergies of a multi-species breeding company by ensuring the best combination of science and practice.

Hypor Abe
Abe Huisman
Hypor R&D Director
Hypor R&D

Technology Development

Hypor is part of Hendrix Genetics, a multispecies company and that has many advantages. The genomics laboratory, a leading-class Research & Technology center, has implemented routine DNA extraction to enable execution of the genomic selection program based on the unique pattern of DNA-markers for each individual. Samples of the different nucleus farms around the world are shipped and processed centrally within the Hendrix Genetics Genomics Laboratory in France.

Genetic progress – advancing the productivity of animals with each generation – is a vital contributor to fulfill a growing need for food in the world. This, however, requires continuous investment in research, technologies and people. Combining those gives us the power to move fast, efficient and accurate.


Research and Development (R&D) has always been a key focus at Hendrix Genetics, its pioneering approach and sound science have positioned the company as a worldwide quality leader in animal genetics. The state-of–the-art Hendrix Genetics Research & Technology Center is a world renowned center of animal genetics research. This highly qualified and diverse R&D team explores the boundaries of genetics daily. We are focused on linking innovative solutions to protein producers through applied breeding programs for all species in which we operate. In addition, Hendrix Genetics is involved in hundreds of R&D projects with leading academic research institutions all over the world.

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