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The complexity of diseases in a globalized world calls for an effective health strategy, based on science and proven practical experience. It is crucial to address threats with a concrete, transparent and consistent approach. Which is vital for the management, both at the national and international level. We want to reduce threats as much as possible by delivering High Health / SPF Status animals, guarding biosecurity systems and creating the right vaccination plans. 

Hypor’s Health team provides the advice needed to support in preventing and managing serious animal disease outbreaks. Improving animal health systems is the most effective way to safeguard global animal- and human health.


As one of the leaders in swine breeding, Hendrix Genetics recognizes that strong biosecurity protocols play an important part in keeping pigs safe and healthy. Fundamental to swine production, biosecurity should act as the first line of defence to prevent, control and manage risks to health. Protecting pig health also benefits the three layers of sustainability: economic, social, and environmental.

With biosecurity being the most effective and inexpensive means of disease control available, it is important to understand that no single disease prevention program would be effective without utilizing appropriate biosecurity protocols. The prevention of disease outbreaks is key to maintain the health, welfare, and productivity of your pigs.

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Hypor Wouter

Collaboration among the various partners is critical to effective and efficient efforts.

Hypor Wouter
Wouter Deley DVM
Senior Veterinarian & Health Manager Hypor

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