Purebred Dam Lines

Hypor Large White and Hypor Landrace

The purebred dam lines, Hypor Large White and Hypor Landrace, have been developed to produce the Hypor Libra. Utilizing a balanced breeding approach to incorporate reproduction efficiency, piglet quality, and finishing traits creates the well-rounded Hypor Libra which fits in any system. Depending on the desired level of biosecurity there are also several options to have these purebred dam lines on your farm to produce Hypor Libra on-farm.

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Hypor Dam Line selection criteria

Benefits of the Hypor Large White and Hypor Landrace

Reproductive efficiency

The Hypor Landrace and Hypor Large White are selected to be productive and efficient mothers who are easy to manage in any housing system.

Piglet quality

Selection for uniform and heavy piglets at birth ensure quality piglets are produced from the Hypor Landrace and Hypor Large White.

Finishing and carcass

A balanced approach with the Hypor Landrace and Hypor Large White leaves plenty of room to focus on the improvement of finishing and carcass traits.

Dam line delivery options


A self-replacement system with connection to the Hypor breeding database and our BioHypor experts.

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A self-replacement system with access to support for on-farm selection.

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Gilt purchase

An open herd with regular introduction of new genetic material.

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Our standards for sustainable swine breeding

Functional teats

The number of teats and the position are important. We are working towards 16 teats in total: 4 sets above the navel and 4 sets below the navel.

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Litter characteristics

Our target for weaning capacity is set at an optimum of 16, 15, 14. Our sow is selected for 16 functional teats and the capacity to deliver 16 total born, 15 born alive, and 14 weaned.

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Piglet birth weight

Piglet birth weight is proven to influence lifetime performance, with heavier birth weight piglets being more likely to survive and reach market in fewer days.

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