Our Standards

we focus on 5 standards in our breeding program. These standards are focused on improving sow stayability, piglet vitality to deliver full value finishers with good carcass characteristics.

Piglet birth weight: 1.5 kg/3.3 lbs

Litter characteristics: 16-15-14

Number of functional teats: 4 x 4 = 16

Full value finishers

Carcasses hitting the grid

As a global leader, Hendrix Genetics wants to pave the way towards a more sustainable pork industry. Setting the standards on economic, social and environmental sustainability is more important than ever. Economics are the cornerstone of a sound sector and a driving factor in every production phase.

The genetic progress delivered by our Hypor sows, piglets, finishers and meat creates economic returns for the entire pork chain. At the same time, we set new standards on social sustainability by selecting for self-reliant animals that thrive in all environments. Sows that perform in any housing system. On top of that, we research elimination of animal treatments like castration, tail-docking and preventive antibiotics. In the end, delicious and nutritious pork is our ultimate promise to the consumer.

Sustainable Pork Journey

Sustainable Swine Breeding

To support the pork industry and feed our growing population, we must find a way to produce high-quality pork that is nutritious, tasty, and produced in the most sustainable way. How can we accomplish this? Finding the solutions requires a complete pork chain approach, as the chain partners are highly interconnected.

Take the journey to discover the different sustainable pathways:

Sustainable Pork Journey

There are three sustainability pathways to consider when needing to breed swine solutions that are economically viable, environmentally sound, and acceptable from a social perspective.