Hypor Magnus

More Performance for less

With the Hypor Magnus, everything is high except the cost: High quality pigs to please the producer and high quality pork to please the consumer. High daily gain and maximum throughput to lower your cost of production. The Hypor Magnus offers outstanding carcass and meat quality, with greater yield to boost your bottom line. With its unmatched adaptability, it will thrive in a variety of barns and a wide range of markets, reaching heavier weights with greater growth and a low feed conversion. And with customized sire selection, it’s ready to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Hypor Magnus Boar new

1. Maximized throughput

The Hypor Magnus delivers high daily gain that is reliable and uniform to simplify your pig flow and  increase your efficiency. 

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2. Leading feed conversion

With efficient lean gain to heavy weights, you’ll get a bigger, leaner pig to market without fattening your feed costs.

Feed conversion 2

3. Superior carcass and meat quality

Offering exceptional carcass yield, the Hypor Magnus makes you more money at the hook. Whether you target the domestic or export market, you can offer a high quality product that’s always in demand.

Meat Magnus

4. Unmatched adaptability

Wherever you are and whatever you need, the Hypor Magnus will adapt, thrive and deliver. Your goals are unique, and the Hypor Magnus can be tailored to help you reach them.

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What do we select for in the Hypor Magnus?

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