Hypor Magnus

Our Duroc sire line

The Hypor Magnus is one of the top Duroc sire lines in the world. This sire line produces heavy, uniform piglets right from birth that grow into more full value finishers. At the processing plant, carcasses have greater carcass yield, easily fit many grids, and have a high degree of meat quality. Hendrix Genetics is setting the standard in sustainable swine breeding by providing a Duroc sire line who produces high quality, uniform, and efficient progeny that always hit the grid with high pork quality.

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Hypor Magnus selection criteria

Benefits of the Hypor Magnus

High quality piglets

The Hypor Magnus consistently produces uniform, healthy piglets at a heavier birth weight. We know that heavier piglets are at a strong advantage right from the start.

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Efficient and uniform finishers

Uniform growth increases efficiency in all-in/all-out systems, can decrease the time of your shipping window, and can decrease the number of shipments.

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More quality meat

In carcass yield, the Hypor Magnus has an advantage over competitors, which is important for producers to receive the most value from processing.

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Our standards for sustainable swine breeding

Piglet birth weight

Piglet birth weight is proven to influence lifetime performance, with heavier birth weight piglets being more likely to survive and reach market in fewer days.

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Full value finishers

A Full Value Finisher (FVF) is any pig placed that reaches or survives to the market and/or slaughterhouse requirements. Our goal means 2% nursery mortality and 3% grow-finish mortality.

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Carcasses hitting the grid

"Hitting the Grid” is dependent on the market and slaughterhouse, but of the full value finishers that reach the market, we strive for 98% of these to hit the grid.

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