Different producers have different needs, with this in mind, Hypor offers unique solutions to establish and maintain a productive parent stock population on your farm with the biosecurity level you seek.

How & What

BioHypor is an advanced self-replacement system designed to increase total system profitability through accelerated distribution of top genes, detailed information sharing, enhanced biosecurity and comprehensive technical support. Originally introduced in 1994, today there are many BioHypor systems in production worldwide.  

BioHypor is essentially a mini-nucleus established inside a client production system.  After an initial fill of great grandparent (GGP) gilts, the client system is closed to live animal entry. New genes enter only via fresh GGP semen from a Hypor Gene Transfer Centre.  The combined mini-nucleus and multiplication population ranges between 7% - 10% of the commercial PS herd. 

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Client sow productivity data is electronically submitted to the Hypor database. The data is run through the MiXBLUP program for high speed, high accuracy breeding value estimation that is used to produce selection recommendations for the client mini-nucleus.  Top tier gilts are selected for re-entry into the GGP population.   Second tier gilts are selected for entry into the grandparent (GP) population where they will also be bred using GGP semen to produce Hypor Libra F1 PS gilts – accelerating the transmission of top genes directly to the PS level.

BioHypor clients have access to our Support Platforms – a multidisciplinary team of local and global experts in Genetics, Artificial Insemination, General Production, Nutrition, Health, Product Management and Marketing.  

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