Economic uncertainties

Pressure on margin facing extreme challenges

For every member of the pork value chain, margin pressure is intense. When everything goes well from an operations point of view, farms can thrive. But in the face of disease outbreaks, shortage of experienced labor, and market volatility, the farm losses can be disastrous. Not only this, but the entire pork production chain operates with many unrealized opportunities for optimization. How can we escape the constant pressure to deliver return on growing investments in the face of extreme challenges?

We understand the instability of producing pigs. By examining each of the pain points, we aim to invest in a sustainable, optimized pork value chain. Let’s learn more about:

  • Obtaining higher value for pork
  • The cost of disease outbreaks
  • Optimizing the pork value chain

Together, we can analyze the issues from all over the world and start to reduce their combined impact.

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