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Published on July 10, 2018

Hypor Magnus Cuts Costs, Not Quality

If someone tells you there’s no such thing as “getting more for less”, tell them about the Hypor Magnus. Thanks to maximized throughput and strong growth, this line gives you more daily gain and more turns per year. The sow’s offspring grow to heavy weights, thus producing more meat per sow. In some ways, what sets the Hypor Magnus apart is that it gives you less of what you don’t want: variability, fostering, labor and, most importantly, cost.

Less variability

“Uniformity at birth minimizes the need for cross-fostering,” said Carl Esau, Key Account Manager, Canada with Hypor. “It reduces the extra work and cost of having to separate them based on size.”

By keeping pigs in the same groups and taking them through the barn together, the Hypor Magnus helps you get as many pigs to market as possible. As well, heavier birth weight means your animals are more likely to become full value pigs, a critical element in a business where quality without quantity is a recipe for disaster.


With the Hypor Magnus, pigs are a similar size and grow at a similar rate, so they leave the barn at the same time. That’s really important, because in an all-in, all-out (AIAO) scenario, a new batch of pigs can only enter the barn once it’s been emptied and cleaned.

Carl Esau
Key Account Manager Canada

The alternative would be to ship some pigs before they have reached full value and take a discounted price, in order to empty the barn. Given that margins in the pork industry are already razor thin, that’s a compromise you can’t afford to make, and with the Hypor Magnus, you don’t have to.

Simplified pig management

Good help really can be hard to find, and expensive to keep. The simplified pig management that comes from less fostering and movement of pigs is a huge bonus for producers. Since pigs sired by the Hypor Magnus are of a higher quality, you’ll have less mortality and fewer small animals, right from birth. In the process, you can use your labor more effectively and minimize extra labor costs.

Hypor employee Emily Miller

Simplified pig management relates back to variability and growth. Because your animals move as a unified group through the operation, you avoid stragglers and end up with more easily managed pens where no new social groups need to be created.

Hypor employee Emily Miller
Emily Miller
Product Manager

This can help prevent tail biting and other performance-reducing behaviors that are often a problem in other lines. Though the frequency and impact of such behavior can be hard to measure due to the multifactorial nature, the effect on your business is significant.

At the end of the day, your bottom line is our top priority, which is why Total System Profitability (TSP) drives everything we do. While maximizing growth and full value pigs is a big part of that, minimizing labor and other costs is equally vital. By doing all of the above, the Hypor Magnus offers more of what you want and less of what you don’t, and if that’s not a win-win, what is?

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