Sustainable swine standards

Why do we need sustainable swine standards?

Sustainable swine breeding is needed to meet the growing demand for pork and at the same time innovate the pork sector. There are numerous factors to consider when balancing sustainability components. Animal welfare, environmental impact, responsible production, food safety, and societal acceptance are a few examples, which are weighed differently depending on the market and country. Although this is a challenging assignment, it is absolutely necessary. Our goal is to breed the right animal for the right region or group of consumers, while paving the way with sustainable swine standards.

Already for years, we have discussed sustainable swine breeding and in 2020, we set the first five standards. These standards define our breeding objectives and steer our breeding program. Self-reliance of our pigs is at the foundation of our program. Our sustainable standards will deliver products that are easy to manage, demonstrate higher survivability and deliver more full value finishers at the processing plant to optimize the use of natural resources. Our standards will also support animal welfare and other social standards. In this section, you will learn all about the current and future opportunities we are exploring in order to create a more sustainable swine industry.