Top swine genetics to enhance pork production in Vietnam

Published on May 27, 2020

Top swine genetics to enhance pork production in Vietnam

Japfa Comfeed Vietnam has requested Hendrix Genetics to improve the performance of their renewed pig production systems, by upgrading all their Great Grand Parent (GGP) and Grand Parents (GP) swine populations with the best Hypor breeding stock. The first transport took place recently.

While the world’s confined population is realizing how vital a strong food production chain is, Japfa Comfeed Vietnam and Hendrix Genetics are working together to ensure availability of high quality and affordable fresh pork to Vietnamese consumers. In the next three years, multiple transports of several thousand high quality, Hypor pure line breeders are planned to arrive in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. These deliveries will take place by full chartered planes from strategic nucleus facilities in North America to ensure the highest health status of these animals.

Japfa Comfeed Vietnam is a fully owned subsidiary of Japfa Ltd and has 10 years of experience in large scale pig production, operating under the strictest international standards for biosecurity and continuously investing in the most modern equipped pig farms in Vietnam.

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According to Mr. Arif Widjaja, Country Head of Japfa Comfeed Vietnam: “Our agri-food business is strategic in the sense that we want to secure supply of high quality, affordable food to the Vietnamese population in crisis times. Our business model is resilient as we are experienced to deal with difficult times. We have learned how to produce in situations with African Swine Fever affecting the industry. We are confident in our robust systems, which we keep improving and enhancing throughout Vietnam.”

Hugues Six

The Hypor breeders will be multiplied in Japfa Comfeed Vietnam’s production systems, according the protocols of the Hypor breeding program. This will ensure maximum genetic progress years to come. In addition, a strong link has been established between Japfa Comfeed Vietnam’s satellite nucleus structure and the Hypor top breeding facilities in Europe and North America.

Hugues Six
Hugo Six
Hendrix Genetics’ General Manager Hypor Asia

Hendrix-Genetics, a leading multi-species international breeding company, is in continuous development of resilient and top performing swine genetic lines that strive particularly well in Asia. The Hypor program produces the Hypor Libra*, the easy-to-manage parent stock sow, that produces over 32 uniform and strong, weaned piglets per sow per year. In combination with the terminal sire Hypor Magnus, champion of feed efficiency and growth, it produces an outstanding pig that fits the Vietnamese market needs.

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NOTE: This article was originally published in Asian Pork Magazine and has been republished here with permission.