Published on June 24, 2021

Porc d'Or chooses Hypor as sustainable swine breeding partner

Porc d'Or, a collaboration of several Dutch pig farmers from the North, has chosen to work with Hypor pig genetics from Hendrix Genetics. Hendrix Genetics is an international breeding company, active in 8 animal species, with offices in 25 countries.

The cooperation focuses on four breeding locations participating in the concept where gilts are produced for the different sow farms with a total of 5800 sows.

Porc d'Or's choice to partner with Hendrix Genetics was mainly motivated by the robustness of the Hypor Libra sow and the sustainable breeding goals pursued by Hendrix Genetics. By focusing for years on balanced breeding and increasingly on sustainability, the Hypor Libra sow offers a high economic lifetime value with low mortality and excellent mothering abilities.

Edwin Elshof, on behalf of Porc d'Or, is clear about the choice for Hypor:

We were looking for a sow that fits within our concept that stands for efficient and sustainable pork production and sustainability starts with choosing the right sow.

Edwin Elshof
Porc d'Or

Ron IJpelaar, Sales Manager Netherlands of Hendrix Genetics, says that in the discussions with Porc d'Or, transparency was paramount. He said,

Our philosophy regarding the sow was very appealing. We focus on breeding a sow to have 16 total born, 15 live-born and 14 weaned piglets. All this with an average birth weight of 1.5 kg. That's what we consider sustainable.

Ron IJpelaar
Sales Manager Nederland, Business Unit Swine, Hendrix Genetics

About Porc d’Or

Porc d'Or is a collaboration of several pig farmers. The family businesses distinguish themselves through transparency in the production chain and the efficient and environmentally conscious production of healthy pigs.

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