New nucleus farm opened in Brazil to support secure supply of high-quality genetics

Published on Dec. 14, 2021

New nucleus farm opened in Brazil to support secure supply of high-quality genetics

For many years, Brazil has been identified as an important area of opportunity for agriculture. As it relates to pig production, it is the fourth largest pork producer in the world. With its large geographical footprint and population, Brazil is a key area of opportunity with increasing levels of consumption. Brazil is also becoming more developed with a growing middle class and modernized farms.

In line with Hendrix Genetics’ long-term planning, a new nucleus farm has opened in the state of Goias, Brazil, housing 1,200 GGP sows. With this new facility, we can overcome previous logistical barriers to give Brazilian customers a secure supply of high-quality genetics.

Over five years ago, Hendrix Genetics partnered with the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture Livestock and Supply as well as a select number of global swine genetics companies to update and expand Brazil’s quarantine station in Cananéia, São Paulo. The first placement of pigs for the nucleus farm in Goias were sourced from our nucleus facility, Bon Accord in Canada. After quarantine in Cananéia, São Paulo, last arrival breeding pigs have been placed in the new nucleus farm this month.

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The nucleus farm was opened in partnership with Carroll Family Farms. This U.S-based, family-run business produces crops such as corn and cotton in Illinois, USA. Carroll Family Farms is a long time Hypor customer and has operations in Brazil. The pure lines raised on this farm will produce breeding stock for our customers and give a strong supply of genetics for swine production in Brazil. With the recent placement of pigs in the nucleus farm, we anticipate customers will be able to receive their breeding stock in September 2022.

We are pleased to support the booming Brazilian pork industry with high-quality genetics, state-of-the-art facilities, and exceptional technical service.

This investment in the Brazilian pork industry will benefit customers and consumers by providing a sustainable and reliable supply of high-quality genetics, now and in the future.

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