Published on May 9, 2021

BioHypor: the solution for Asia

No one knows more about challenges than pork producers, but some markets are more challenging than others. Fortunately, where there are obstacles, there is also opportunity. In filling 25% of the world’s pork demand, the East and Southeast Asian markets are rife with potential.

Thanks to the dense pig populations in the region and the lack of structure in many areas, pig health is a constant concern. Though African Swine Fever (ASF) is the latest disease wreaking havoc, it’s by no means the only one. Classical swine fever, PRRS, PED and FMD disease have a presence, and that relentless health pressure is a limiting factor for the industry; yet there’s an upside for companies with world class biosecurity that can stay protected against viral contaminations.

BioHypor: Hypor’s winning solution for Asia

Given the pig health issues in parts of Asia, Hypor’s advantage is to send its products to East and Southeast Asia from nucleus farms in Canada. These are high health, pathogen-free herds and a country of origin that offer peace of mind for customers in the face of multiple disease threats.

Upon arrival of those animals, protecting herd high health status is the focus of BioHypor, an advanced self-replacement system in production worldwide that features high biosecurity, accelerated genetic progress, transfer of breeding knowledge, and practical technical support.

BioHypor is essentially a mini-nucleus established inside a client production system. After an initial fill of purebred breeders (Hypor Large White, Hypor Landrace and Hypor Boar Line), the client system is closed to live animal entry reducing, drastically the contamination risks. New genes enter only via fresh Top GGP semen from a Hypor Gene Transfer Centre.

BioHypor clients have access to the company’s Support Platforms – a multidisciplinary team of local and global experts in genetics, artificial insemination, general production, nutrition, health, product management and marketing.

hugues six.png

A good part of our success comes from the quality, dedication and practical experience of our Asian team of experts used to convey the best international standards to be applied into a given Asian farm. Developing technical expertise with our customers will be crucial for Hypor development.

hugues six.png
Hugues Six
General Manager, East & Southeast Asia for Hypor

“We have had successful BioHypor systems in place for many years in Vietnam, the Philippines, South Korea, and Japan. We believe it is an excellent option for Asia where producers must quickly develop strong strategies against ASF, and the BioHypor system has proven to be effective in any virus-challenged environment. Many of those commercial farms have doubled their performance in a short amount of time thanks to BioHypor and have achieved over 30 WPSY,” said Hugues Six.

Ultimately, it is the combination of Hypor’s expertise, products, solutions and technologies that spell success in Asia and around the world.

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