“She is a really independent sow”: A Hypor customer success story

Published on Jan. 31, 2024

“She is a really independent sow”: A Hypor customer success story

Christelle and Jean-Pierre OLIVIER are parent stock producer based in France.

How do you see the Hypor Libra evolving?

The Hypor Libra sow gives us more uniform piglets at birth than the genetics we had previously. They are very maternal sows and we have noted an absence of second litter syndrome with the Hypor Libra sow. We were weaning 12.34 piglets with our previous genetics, and we've moved up to 13.55 without any further work.

She is a really independent sow.

What can you tell us about the evolution of your performance?

In terms of performance, the Hypor Libra is a sow with a very high milk production capacity and is also a very calm sow.

What impresses you most about the Hypor Libra sow?

What impresses me most is her calmness, and the fact that she's very attentive to her piglets.

How is this sow suited to tomorrow's challenges?

The Hypor Libra is well-suited to the challenges of tomorrow, as she does not produce more piglets than she can nurse, making it a well-balanced selection for the future.

The Hypor Libra Star sow in two words?

Calm and maternal.

Technical results :

Fertility rate 90%
Born total 15.76
Weaned/span 13.51
Loss/mother rate 8.2

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