Published on Sept. 25, 2019

Rivals Beware: Magnus Conquers the Competition

Given the reputation of the Hypor Magnus for getting results, it’s little wonder that the sire line came out on top in a recent North American wean to finish trial against a rival known as Competitor Y. After all, any breeding company can say they have the best sire line, but in the pork business, talk is cheap, and performance is priceless.

Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR)

For pork producers, saving money in their day to day operation is like planning for retirement: The sooner you start, the better off you will be. While it matched Competitor Y in average daily gain, the Hypor Magnus did so with a lower FCR in the nursery that translated to savings of $0.45 USD (€ 0.41) per nursery pig. The advantage for the Magnus was even more dramatic in the grower-finisher period, chopping $ 2.20 USD (€ 1.92) per pig from feed costs. Depending on the size of your operation, these savings add up pretty quickly.

“In this trial, the advantage with the Hypor Magnus started on day 1, and that is significant,” said Dr. Emily Miller, Product Manager Swine for Hendrix Genetics. “Days to market was the same for both sire lines, but feed costs were lower with the Hypor Magnus throughout the trial. So whether you are raising weaned pigs, feeder pigs, or wean to finish, our customers can save money on feed with the Hypor Magnus.”

Carcass and Meat Quality

Finding a sire line that can cut costs in the barn, while delivering exceptional quality at the slaughterhouse is not always easy to find. With the Hypor Magnus value is created throughout the production chain. In comparing carcass quality, the Hypor Magnus-sired pigs had lower back fat, greater loin depth and higher lean yield than Competitor Y. For producers dealing with plants that pay on either lean yield or loin depth, the superior carcass quality of the Hypor Magnus means carcasses will be worth more money. Add higher revenue to the lower feed costs of the Hypor Magnus, and your balance sheet is looking better all the time.

As seen with other trials, the Magnus again demonstrated meat quality values suitable for both domestic and export markets. As well, the consistency of the final product gives producers confidence that they can reap the rewards of the Hypor Magnus anywhere, anytime.

Cost cutting; quality; consistency. No matter how you crunch the numbers for your business, that’s a priceless combination.

If you’d like to see the impact of the Hypor Magnus on your operation, contact your local Hypor sales representative.

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