“Quantity without quality is useless” : A Hypor customer success story

Published on Dec. 19, 2023

“Quantity without quality is useless” : A Hypor customer success story

Laurent Retif is a parent stock customer based in Saint Aubin des Châteaux, France.

How do you see the Hypor Libra evolving?

We've worked with Hypor genetics since December 2017, and the least we can say is that results are evolving very well. The number of weaned per sow continues to rise increase, without seeing a decrease in the quality of the piglets, which for us is essential. We see an average of 14.6 weanlings per litter with just over 7.5kg in weight per piglet, I think we are slowly approaching an optimum. Quantity without quality is useless and the Libra provides this balance.

What can you tell us about the evolution of your performance?

What's interesting is the stable and steady growth in born, without affecting maternity losses. We have long remained in the vicinity of 8.5%, but since the beginning of year we've seen only 6%, and without a balancing cage. I think that it's really the combination of specific sow characteristics, plus adapted follow-up in the first few days. If the sow is feeling well, then the piglets will too. This is reflected in the atmosphere of the rooms, so they nurse their piglets easily. I appreciate the sow’s ability to quickly increase consumption after and, in fact, correctly provide for her young. I saw myself leave 18 piglets for 3 to 4 days with a carefree sow. With my old genetics, if I didn't remove a piglet in 24 hours, I'd lose several.

What impresses you most about the Hypor Libra sow?

Her behavior, without hesitation. She lies down gently, watching out for her little ones. That'll make 4 days since my sows have given birth, and it's a joy to hear them "sing", they call their young to nurse. With my old genetics, it was the other way round, the piglets had to be under their mother to stimulate her to milk.

How is this sow adapted to tomorrow's challenges?

I'd say for the feed conversation. We gained over 200 kg feed consumed per sow per year and this ability has added value to their offspring. They recover easily after weaning and we no longer need to push rations as before.

The Hypor Libra sow in 2 words?

Maternal and quiet, for the breeder too.


You are in male production as well; what can you tell us about this area?

Yes, for over 7 months now and it's going well. The only thing we've had to do to do is enrich the feed with phosphorus for bone strength. Incidentally, the same food curve, same feed. We are satisfied because the results speak for themselves: less than 4% S-V losses, for carcasses weighing 94kg carcasses at 17.61 cts added value, and only one odorous male rate at 0,7% ! Some have to use additives, but not here, it works as it is. I can confirm it, the cross between the Hypor Libra rnd the Maxter M3 is perfectly suited for this production.

Total piglets born 16.17
Weanlings/litter 14.68
Maternal loss rate 5.9%
Fertility rate 96.8%
Weight range 110 kg
Kg produced/sow/year 4250

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NOTE: This article was originally published in Asian Pork Magazine and has been republished here with permission.