Published on Dec. 13, 2018

Quality + Quantity: a Recipe for Sow Success

In many ways, producing the ultimate sow is like following your favorite recipe: combining the right amount of the right ingredients for the perfect end result. By blending strong mothering ability and weaning capacity with greater piglet survivability, it’s possible to satisfy your appetite for success with the ultimate prize: more full market value pigs.

For a prime example of that perfect blend, look no further than the Hypor Libra*. As a company, Hypor is focused on increasing total born without decreasing piglet birth weight. While other companies solely pursue more piglets born per litter, this comes at the expense of piglet birth weight. Hypor makes both a priority with the Libra* for more high quality pigs.

Our piglets have more consistent, heavy birth weights, and that consistency follows them throughout life from birth to market. Ultimately, this leads to lower mortality, more full market value pigs and greater profitability.

Garret Weber
Sales Representative Hypor U.S.A

A big factor in lowering mortality and boosting production is the calmness of the Libra* sow. Because the sow is relaxed and doesn’t startle easily, piglets are less stressed, and awareness of her surroundings reduces the incidence of piglet crushing.

Apart from temperament, the greater weaning capacity of the Libra*is a critical part of her mothering ability.

Hypor Julien Briant

Everything starts with colostrum consumption. If a piglet is not able to consume at least 250 grams of colostrum within the first 24 hours, its chance of survival decreases by 40%. A recent university study showed that the Hypor sow is an excellent mother that produces at least 4 kg of colostrum. This is more than sufficient to satisfy 16 newborn piglets and also more production than other sows in the market.

Hypor Julien Briant
Julien Briant
General Manager Hypor France

As well, the high colostrum output ensures thriftier pigs that are less liable to succumb to chilling and crushing. Just as importantly, the Libra* maintains her milk production through either 21 or 28 day lactations, ensuring a proper supply for all piglets from start to finish.

Hypor Piglets

Of course, achieving full market value pigs requires strong performance throughout their life cycle, and the Libra* delivers by preparing her piglets from the first suckle.

“Since losses in the nursery and finishing periods are the most expensive to producers, the Hypor breeding program works to continuously improve the natural vitality of the animals,” says Briant.

In typical Hypor fashion, it all comes back to Total System Profitability (TSP) for their clients. The Libra* starts piglets off right with exceptional birth and weaning weights, and that quality at the outset leads to superior pigs in the nursery and beyond. 

“To us, TSP means giving equal attention to all traits of interest to all links in the production chain, so no single trait is ever forgotten or left behind,” says Weber. “We have never strayed from that approach, and it’s what makes Hypor and the Libra* unique. We continue to make progress in a way that is balanced and uniform, and our pigs reflect that.”

This uniform growth means that all pigs are ready for market at a similar time, lessening the need for special attention to certain pigs, reducing labor costs and increasing barn efficiency in the process.

Add it all up, and the Hypor Libra* offers a recipe for success that gives you more full value pigs and nourishes your bottom line. 

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