"Piglet growth has never been so good": A Hypor customer success story

Published on Dec. 12, 2023

"Piglet growth has never been so good": A Hypor customer success story

Éric Brulé is a parent stock customer based in France. His farm has 330 Libra/Maxter cross sows per year.

Total births: 16.53
Weaned/litter: 13.4
Fertility rate: 92.8
Sow deaths and euthanized: 3.4
TMP (calculation of muscle and fat): 61.8
Growth per day 8-115kg: 753g

How do you see the Hypor Libra evolving?

I've seen a considerable leap forward with the arrival of the Hypor Libra, particularly in terms of the sow's maternal behavior and milk potential. She's calm and requires very little intervention. If we have to intervene on one or two sows per litter, that's the maximum. Litter weight has increased significantly. They're heavy and very uniform, which works well with my philosophy as a breeder to optimize my work.

The progress we've made hasn't just been in sows and piglets. Piglet growth has never been so good, and it is directly linked to the uniformity of the piglets I wean. I only lose one or two piglets a week, which is acceptable. The change in the electrolyte balance of my feed certainly contributes to this, but without this genetic cross I probably wouldn't be achieving these results. The added value is top-notch, but it's also linked to the fact that I stopped producing semen on the farm. Buying semen has brought more genetic progress and variability.

What impresses you most about the Hypor Libra?

For farms with staffing problems, it's ideal. The Hypor Libra frees up our time and means we don't have to be around all the time. She's easy to manage, which is handy when the workforce isn't specialized. She comes on heat very well after weaning, and by Tuesday evening 95% of the sows are inseminated, which is reassuring.

How is this sow adapted to tomorrow's challenges?

Here is a concrete example. A mistake at the maternity ward meant that a gilt was half-stocked in pregnancy. When I arrived, the litter was suckling quietly with all the other sows around, undisturbed. This tells me that the evolution of free-range or group farrowing won't be a problem. This sow is not a time-consuming one, and that's essential if we're to attract young people in the future.

Two words to sum up the Hypor Libra?

Autonomous and modern.


Piglet growth has never been so good, and it is directly linked to the uniformity of the piglets I wean.

Éric Brulé
Parent stock customer, France

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