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Published on Feb. 10, 2021

LFD Holding extends successful cooperation with Hendrix Genetics

Boxmeer, February 10, 2021. LFD Holding, Germany's largest piglet producer, continues its successful cooperation with Hendrix Genetics. With Hendrix Genetics’ high level of expertise in animal breeding, it will continue to support the management and staff of LFD Holding in their work.

"With Hendrix Genetics, we continue to work with a very competent partner who understands our business and gives us the right impetus to continuously improve our work," LFD Holding said. LFD Holding is committed to animal welfare and better husbandry conditions on farms and animal genetics provides the basis for improvement of these goals.

Peter Heinrichs

We continuously invest in our breeding program with new technologies and updated breeding facilities in order to offer high quality swine genetics to our customers. With the recent field and trial results of our Hypor swine genetics and partnerships with companies like LFD Holding, we can see that our investments are paying off.

Peter Heinrichs
Dr. Peter Heinrichs
Managing Director Swine North-West Europe at Hendrix Genetics

About LFD Holding

LFD Holding GmbH emerged from a Dutch family business in 2015 and is Germany’s largest piglet producer, operating large farms across the country. Sustainability is a top priority at LFD and is directly anchored in the responsibility of management and every single employee from farm employees to sales and controlling. Through the use of modern technology, animals have access to feed and fresh, clean water 24 hours a day. Feeding and climate are monitored around the clock. All buildings are regularly modernized with a clear focus on limiting emissions to a minimum. For more information, visit www.lfd-holding.com

About Hendrix Genetics

Headquartered in the Netherlands, Hendrix Genetics is the world's largest multi-species animal genetics company. Under its trademark Hypor, Hendrix Genetics supplies high-quality swine genetics to swine producers in more than 35 countries, setting the standard in sustainable animal breeding. Hendrix Genetics has operations and joint ventures in 25 countries and employs more than 3,500 people worldwide. For more information, visit www.hendrix-genetics.com.

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