“It has brought calmness to the maternity ward”: A Hypor customer success story

Published on Jan. 3, 2024

“It has brought calmness to the maternity ward”: A Hypor customer success story

Jean-Jacques Lainez is a parent stock producer based in Plourin-Ploudalmezeau, France.

How do you see the Hypor Libra evolving?

We've been using the Libra and see it evolving positively, mainly with an increase in prolificacy. This has clearly accentuated over the last 2 years. It's pretty incredible.

What can you tell us about the evolution of your performance?

Today we regularly reach 16 total born, but even so, the rates of losses under the mother do not deteriorate, in fact, the opposite is true. Over the last month we are at just 7.2%. With previous genetics, we would wean 11.5 per litter with losses in maternity at around 13%. Today we wean between 13 and 14 while maintaining the weight of weaning at 6.2kg.

What impresses you most about the Hypor Libra sow?

What impressed us right from the start is her calm demeanor and ability to make milk.

Even the smallest piglets are able to nurse. It has brought calmness to the maternity ward and for my employees as the birthing process can be stressful. In the past we had to monitor our sows 24 hours; with the Libra, this is no longer the case. We know that we can leave peacefully in the evening, close the door, and that there will be no catastrophe the next morning! Another point that's not lost on us, helping the sow to give birth is now very rare.

How is this sow adapted to tomorrow's challenges?

The future is prolific, but intelligent. I can see that it will be necessary to optimize production facilities and this sow brings us the raw material to do so. We will likely have to reduce the number of sows. But our production and quality will be maintained.

The Hypor Libra sow in 2 words:

Motherhood and serenity


Fertility rate 93
Total piglets born 15.80
Maternal loss rate 9.9%
Weanlings/litter 13.20

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