Hypor Magnus: Top Choice for your Bottom Line

Published on Aug. 29, 2019

Hypor Magnus: Top Choice for your Bottom Line

Success in life is all about making the hard choices: buy or sell; own or rent; ham or bacon. Fortunately, choosing your next sire line just got easier, thanks to the latest grower-finisher trial results for the Hypor Magnus against a global competitor (“Competitor X”) in the USA. As you might expect from a line that offers the best of both worlds – high quality pigs and high quality pork – the Hypor Magnus bested its rival in some vital areas for producers.

Maximized throughput and competitive feed conversion

Given the huge impact of feed costs on your balance sheet, feed efficiency can quickly set sire lines apart, and it did so in this trial. While average daily gain (ADG) was the same for the Hypor Magnus and Competitor X, the Hypor Magnus achieved a lower feed conversion ratio (FCR), especially in the late finisher stage and up to heavy weights. Since that late stage - from 120 kg to 140 kg (265 to 309 lb) - is when pigs are eating the most, the fact that pigs from Competitor X consume substantially more than the Hypor Magnus to attain a similar weight gain is critical.

On average, the difference in feed intake means savings of $3.11 USD (€ 2.77) /pig. In an industry where the focus on numbers tell the tale, those figures could take you from red ink to black ink in the blink of an eye.

Impressive carcass yield

Though the pork business is complex, one basic principle is easy to follow: lower costs + higher yields = more profit. In general, Hypor Magnus pigs were more uniform than Competitor X at the slaughterhouse in terms of end weight, hot carcass weight, back fat and loin depth. Perhaps most importantly, the pigs sired by the Hypor Magnus produced a greater carcass yield than Competitor X by 1.7%. Quite simply, this equates to more money for the producer and more saleable meat for the packer.

How much more money? For the Hypor Magnus, the estimated advantage per carcass over Competitor X is $ 4.43 USD (using a standard base price/lb of carcass and premium; € 3.95). There are a lot of criteria for success in business, but any way you look at it, “earning more money” is a good place to start.


Superior carcass and meat quality

Yield may be a key driver on the road to success, but without quality, it won’t take you very far. Fortunately, Hypor Magnus carcasses boasted lower back fat, greater loin depth and greater lean meat percentage than Competitor X. That’s good news for plants that base their payments on any of these characteristics, and the positives don’t stop there. Because Hypor Magnus sired pigs consistently achieve meat quality that is suitable for export markets – in this trial and in general – they will boost your bottom line both at home and abroad.

Selecting the ultimate sire line for your business can be daunting. Yet when you find a product like the Hypor Magnus that doesn’t make you choose between high quality pigs and high quality pork, the choice is clear.

Interested in hearing more about the Hypor Magnus and how it can benefit your business? Contact your local Hypor Sales Representative.

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NOTE: This article was originally published in Asian Pork Magazine and has been republished here with permission.