Hypor Magnus Promises More…and Delivers

Published on Dec. 13, 2018

Hypor Magnus Promises More…and Delivers

In an age where everything promises to be new, improved, bigger or better, the Hypor Magnus does more than promise; it delivers. Whether it’s throughput, quality, yield or efficiency, if you’re seeking it for your business, you’ll find it in the Hypor Magnus.

Maximum Throughput

Daily gain can be a daily challenge for producers, especially as packers continue to move towards heavier slaughter weights. This move means that producers must find a way to supply heavier carcasses that yield more meat, yet do so without raising their cost of production. By optimizing your daily gain, the Hypor Magnus gives you the most meat from each pig and each pig space, all while keeping your costs low and margins high.

Maximized throughput 4

Trial after trial, the Hypor Magnus grows faster than the competition, and that growth is consistent, with less variation among pigs from birth to market. 


When variation is high, your slow growing pigs will reduce the number of turns per year [days to market + days to clean] for that barn. By increasing daily gain and reducing variation, the Magnus gives you more consistency and more turns per year, so you always know what you can get out of your barn on a regular basis.

Carl Esau
Key Account Manager Canada

Minimal Cost

“Uniformity at birth minimizes the need for cross-fostering,” said Carl Esau. “It reduces the extra work and cost of having to separate them based on size.”

Success in pork production means taking as many pigs to market as possible. This starts right from birth, where the Hypor Magnus produces pigs with heavier birth weights, meaning more of those animals are likely to reach full market value (and in fewer days). Uniform growth means that producers can keep pigs in the same group and move through the barn as one unit. Both of these factors maximize that critical “pigs to market” figure. In an industry where “quantity without quality” is a recipe for disaster, the Hypor Magnus has the formula for success.

On the labor side, good help really can be hard to find, and expensive to keep. The simplified pig management that comes from less fostering and movement of pigs is a huge bonus for producers. Since pigs sired by the Hypor Magnus are of a higher quality, you’ll have less mortality and fewer small animals, right from birth. In the process, you can use your labor more effectively and minimize extra labor costs.

Hypor employee Emily Miller

Simplified pig management relates back to variability and growth. Because your animals move as a unified group through the barn, you avoid stragglers and end up with more easily managed pens where new social groups don’t need to be created.

Hypor employee Emily Miller
Emily Miller
Product Manager Hypor

Better feed conversion

“When you look at the North American industry, carcass weights have been increasing each year,” said Dr. Patrick Charagu, Senior Geneticist for Hypor. 

R&D patrick c.jpg

Our selection programs work towards maintaining lean gain longer, rather than fat gain. Even at heavier weights, the Magnus stays lean, so we can maintain a low feed conversion ratio (FCR) as animals get larger, something not all sire lines can do.

R&D patrick c.jpg
Patrick Charagu
Senior Geneticist Hypor

Spending money for growth only makes sense if it pays off at the slaughterhouse, and since it preserves lean gain, the Magnus gives you your money’s worth many times over.

At the same time, it lowers your cost of production. Since 65-70 % of an average farm’s cost of production goes to feed, making that feed go farther is essential, and the Hypor Magnus demonstrates a lower FCR than the competition. In feed costs alone, this could save you up to $ 3.11 USD (€ 2.61) per pig from 25 – 130 kg (55 to 287 lb). If you multiply that by the number of pigs you feed per year, it equals significant savings.

Lower feed costs
Jose 0498.jpg

When you reduce FCR, you decrease the amount of feed needed to produce each kilogram or pound of pork.

Jose 0498.jpg
José Ángel Pedrido Rey
Customer Services Manager - Spain and Portugal

“As a result, the Hypor Magnus achieves the same slaughter weight as the competition, and the producer spends less on feed to help it get there. That added efficiency could also enable pigs to make better use of alternative, less expensive feed ingredients, which represents an added bonus for your business.”

Better carcass and meat quality

“More” isn’t always better, but when you’re talking about carcass quality, it’s a good start.  With its higher carcass yield percentage, the Hypor Magnus gives you more meat on the carcass, which means more money for the producer and a more saleable product for the packer.

Compared to the lowest yielding competitor, the Hypor Magnus produced $3.68 more revenue per carcass. Regardless of the volume, that adds up to a significant boost for the one number that matters most: total profit.

When it comes to meat quality, the challenge for producers is that “quality” can be defined in different ways by different markets.

Hypor Geert Rutten

Many markets today want the leanness of the Piétrain, but they also want color and marbling, so the Piétrain is too pale for their market. In the past several years with Magnus development, we have aimed for a leaner animal that fits more markets without compromising color or marbling.

Hypor Geert Rutten
Geert Rutten
Area Manager Asia - Sales Hypor

Countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Taiwan and China place a premium on leanness and color, which fits perfectly with the qualities of the Hypor Magnus. 

Unmatched adaptability

Ernie Meyer

Every producer has a unique goal, something that is critical to their farm and their business. For a producer with limited space, average daily gain (ADG) might be extremely important, as he needs pigs to go in, get big and get out of the barn as fast as possible.

Ernie Meyer
Ernie Meyer
Manager of Production & Technical Services Hypor USA

If space is not an issue, FCR may be a higher priority for some producers; or perhaps they have a specialized grid they are targeting and need certain carcass characteristics to get there. By accommodating a range of producers and priorities, the Hypor Magnus customized sire selection program offers a strong, proven return on investment, paying for itself many times over.

Hypor Greg Simpson

If we can find a sire pool to help customers achieve their goals, we provide real value for them. Ultimately, that’s what unmatched adaptability is all about: matching what we have to what the producer needs.

Hypor Greg Simpson
Gregory Simpson
General Manager North America

The Hypor Magnus also shows adaptability by maintaining performance in even the most challenging situations, so even when disease hits your barn, it won’t be lethal for your bottom line.

“Adaptability is about getting up and carrying on when times are tough,” says Ernie Meyer, Manager of Production & Technical Services for Hypor USA. “Pigs must be able to grow in all sorts of conditions. In this industry, if you’re not moving forward, you’re falling behind.”

Whether you call it hardiness, versatility or resilience, the Hypor Magnus has “it”. Faced with a health challenge, the Hypor Magnus continues to eat, drink and do what is needed to survive. With sire lines lacking that quality, death loss – and the financial loss that accompanies it – can be a real issue for producers. The ability to fight through disease is critical to your operation, and it’s a quality that distinguishes the Hypor Magnus from the competition.

Unmatched adaptability 2

Total System Profitability

Add it all up, and the Hypor Magnus is a perfect example of Hypor’s commitment to Total System Profitability. By lowering your costs and improving your throughput, quality, yield and adaptability, the Hypor Magnus benefits your business in ways you never thought possible. In a world of “new, improved, bigger and better”, the Hypor Magnus gives you all of that and more.

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