Hypor Magnus: Maximized Throughput for Minimal Cost

Published on June 5, 2018

Hypor Magnus: Maximized Throughput for Minimal Cost

Excellence in pork production is all about raising the bar, whether it’s heavier weights, higher production or hardier pigs, and that’s what the Hypor Magnus is all about. With its commitment to maximized throughput, it puts you and your business on the path to profit. That’s because Hypor created the Magnus with one goal in mind: giving our clients more for less.

More daily gain for less input

As packers move to heavier weights, producers must provide heavier carcasses with more meat, without using more resources to do it. Since the number of finishing spaces is limited, getting the most meat from each pig and each pig space in your barn is vital. Thanks to its outstanding daily gain, the Hypor Magnus helps you do that, while keeping your costs low and your margin potential high.

Faster growth for more turns per year

Trial after trial, the Hypor Magnus grows faster than the competition, and that growth is consistent, with less variation among pigs from birth to market.

“When variation is high, your slow growing pigs will reduce the number of turns per year [days to market + days to wash] for that barn,” said Carl Esau, Key Account Manager, Canada with Hypor. “By increasing daily gain and reducing variation, the Magnus gives you more consistency and more turns per year, so you always know what you can get out of your barn on a regular basis.”

In side-by-side trials with other leading competitors, the Hypor Magnus has fewer days to market, more turns per year and a greater number of potential pigs placed. As well, since a faster growing pig spends fewer days in the barn, it lowers overall rearing costs. This can mean more than $2.10 USD (€ 1.75) per pig cost savings in rearing costs alone. If you multiply that by the number of pigs that move through your barn each year, it adds up to huge savings and a big boost to your bottom line.

With the Hypor Magnus, “More performance for less” isn’t just a slogan, it’s a certainty: more growth, more turns per year and more full value pigs; less cost, variability and time spent in the barn. It all comes together to support Hypor’s commitment to Total System Profitability (TSP) for our clients.

“A big part of TSP is how much meat you can produce per sow from the pigs she weans,” said Esau. “To maximize that, you need high daily gain and a minimum number of low value pigs, and the Hypor Magnus gives you both.”

Of course, such a strong performing sire line isn’t created overnight. The Hypor Magnus stems from a huge investment of time and resources, but the results are worth it.


It’s exciting to see how the Hypor Magnus has evolved and advanced over the years. Being able to produce pigs to heavier weights and with high average daily gain that doesn’t slow as the weight increases, is a real testament to the geneticists who made it happen.

Carl Esau
Key Account Manager Canada

In a market that is steadily moving towards heavier weights, the Hypor Magnus fits right in. And because it’s a Duroc, it meets the growing demand for that breed and the high meat quality it brings.  For producers who choose the Hypor Magnus, that’s bound to put them ahead of the game, not to mention the competition.

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