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Published on June 9, 2020

Connecting with clients in Latin America

Finding solutions to meet with clients has become challenging due to cancellations of swine conferences in Latin America as a result of COVID-19 but a program called Tu Tecnico en Casa has been able to fill this void by providing innovative solutions for Hypor to connect with clients during this time.

In combination with economic and technical support with our partner in Colombia, Hypor launched over 10 private webinars, successfully reaching clients all over Latin America.

These webinars invited Mr. Mario Garro from Costa Rica, the only company from Central America exporting to China, sharing his exporting experience within Asia. Camilo Gonzalez, a nutritionist from Italcol collaborated with Hypor team members to find relevant nutritional and management data from various countries, an important step in maintaining economic efficiency during times like this.

The webinars have been very successful in connecting our team with our clients in across Latin America and provided valuable insight towards the industry. Using innovative technology available we can support our clients and accomplish more together.

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