Hypor: the swine brand of Hendrix Genetics

Hypor: the swine brand of Hendrix Genetics

The Hypor breeding program started in 1960 as part of the renowned Euribrid organization. In 2007 Hypor became part of Hendrix Genetics. From there on, we started to revamp the breeding program with new tools and technologies and more focus on fewer lines. In addition, we invested heavily in upgrading existing facilities and building new R&D farms. As a result the genetic progress accelerated and today's breeding animals are among the best in the industry. It's time for you to discover why you should learn more about Hypor.

Why should you try Hypor?

Hendrix Genetics is a company fully dedicated to enhance animal genetics, with a clear mission to become a global leader in animal breeding. The power of Hendrix Genetics comes from our multi-species approach. Through synergies, we  accelerate the genetic engine behind any breeding program. Next to that, Hendrix Genetics has the resources to invest heavily in Hypor, in the breeding program, the R&D facilities and knowledge of the people to offer and support a swine portfolio that meets the demands of the US pork industry.​

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The Hypor breeding program started 60 years ago and extended its presence from its European base to North America and Asia. From strategically located and remote locations, we supply our swine genetics to more than 80% of the major pork producing countries. Our nucleus breeding centers are connected on a genetic level, through the regular exchange of semen. This ensures we offer our customers the best of the best, everywhere.

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The US hog market is in transition to crate-free systems during gestation and in growing need of sows that perform well in group housing. For years, Hypor sows in our nucleus breeding centers are group housed. As a result, the Hypor Libra is the world’s most balanced sow, that is easy to manage because we have put heavy pressure on this characteristic in our breeding program.

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Already back in 2012, Hypor was the first to market with the application of Genomic Selection in its breeding program. A milestone and proof that being part of a multi-species genetics company offers real synergies as the groundwork for the application was laid in other species. Using the shared knowledge of applying Genomic Selection in multiple species, the Hypor breeding program truly demonstrated accelerated genetic progress and established our global top 3 position in the market.

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R&D is at the heart of our company and fuels the genetic engine behind our swine breeding program, the key to our success. That is the reason why we invest a minimum of 15% of our annual revenues into this strategic activity. On top of that, we benefit from our access to the Research & Technology Centre of Hendrix Genetics and its connection to all major animal breeding research institutes.

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