Hypor Magnus: more performance for less

Top 5 reasons why Hypor Magnus is the right choice

1. One of the top Duroc boars in the world

  • Heavy and uniform birth weights for more full market value pigs ​

  • Achieve heavy market weights with high average daily gain (ADG) and low feed conversion ratio (FCR)​

  • Unmatched adaptability to thrive in a variety of environments ​

  • Outstanding carcass yield and meat quality​

  • …all to improve total profitability
Magnus infographic optimized

2. 96.3% of all piglets above 2.2 lbs. at birth

  • Heavy + uniform birth weights means:​
    • Fewer light weight pigs, lower pre-weaning mortality, higher weaning weights ​
    • Evenly matched competition for teats, sufficient colostrum intake ​
    • Less piglet management, cross-fostering, and caring for small piglets​
    • Become a full market value pig in fewer days​

  • The combination of heavy and uniform birth weights are one of the reasons why the Hypor Magnus should be your first choice. ​
Distribution of birth weight from a Libra to Magnus commercial system

3. Less than 5% drop in ADG during health challenges

  • Average daily gain (ADG) for Hypor Magnus sired pigs across several trials in a commercial environment where health was affected. Values are presented as a percentage of the expected ADG when health is not affected.​

  • Even with a change in health, the Hypor Magnus is able to maintain ADG that is similar to benchmark performance.
Health change graph

4. On average 0.4% carcass yield advantage

  • A higher carcass yield means more revenue for the producer and more product for the packer to sell. ​

  • 0.4% more yield = 1.1 lb more carcass*

    * Assuming 290 lb live weight
carcass yield 450x225px

5. 100% score on most important meat quality traits

  • There is growing interest in payment based on meat quality as consumer preferences change.​

  • ​The Hypor Magnus consistently produces high quality meat, without compromising on efficiency.
mq table 450x225px

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