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Hypor Increases Genetic Progress with New Testing Station in Sichamps, France

Animal Welfare Key to Sustainability

Hypor Partners with Biotronics to Improve Accuracy and Safety in Ultrasound Scanning 

New Hypor Libra* Sow Reduces Feed Costs From Farrow to Finish

Avoid the Summertime Drop in Production with Practical Tips from Hypor 

Total System Profitability with Hypor’s Genetics for Hutterite Colonies  

New Hypor Libra* Meets the Growing Global Demand for Carcass Quality 

First Shipment of Hypor Genetic Stock Imported to Distributor San Martin de Porres in Peru

Ontario Pork Producer Increases Number Weaned with Hypor Libra*

New Hypor Libra* Sow Reduces Labor Costs, Increases Profitability

Farrow-to-Finish Farm Re-Populates Using 100 Percent Hypor Genetics

15 piglets Born Alive with Hypor’s Genetics at Schweinehaltung Düben, Germany 

 Litter Uniformity Necessary to Achieving 30+ Pigs 

Hypor Magnus Boar Scores High on Maple Leaf Foods’ Monthly Index Rankings

Launch of New Hypor Libra* at Successful Hypor Japan Seminar 

Hypor Customers Honored at Le Porc Show for Improving the Industry

Hypor Partners with Nugeporc to Supply Genetics to Producers in the Dominican Republic

Hypor Sows Have Highest Colostrum Production

Hypor Continues to Grow Presence in the Americas with New Import to Guatemala

Hypor and Farms World’s 10-Year Partnership Integral to Advancing Swine Genetics in Korea

Hypor and Gène-Alliance Celebrate Decades Together As Business Partners Offering Quebec Pork Producers the Best in Genetics

Accelerated Genetic Progress for Hypor Because of Enormous Increase in DNA Information

Hypor Partners with Global Genetic Companies and MAPA to Inaugurate Renovated Quarantine Station in Brazil 

New State-of-the-Art Boar Stud Exclusively for Hypor Genetics in Sonora, Mexico

Hypor Collaborates in New Research to Identify the Genetic Basis of Disease Resilient Pigs 

Open Innovation, Building Bridges: 16th Hypor Convention 

New Partnership Provides Chinese Pork Producers in the Henan Province with Hypor Large White Gilts

Hypor’s first export to Peru

Wean-to-Finish Trial: Hypor Magnus Duroc Brings Greater Profit Margin than Genesus Duroc

Hypor and Hyvar Select Reach Mutual Agreement to Better Serve Belgium Pork Producers 

New research alliance to improve breeding programmes 

Hypor Kanto Featured at New Experience Center at Nice Garden Pork Processor, Taiwan 

Hutterite Colony Sees Drastic Improvement in Production After Switching to Hypor Sows

New alliance for Hypor in South America

National Panel Ranks Hypor Maxter Pork First for Flavor and Quality

Hypor Boars Score a Cut Above the Competition for Meat Quality, Bring in More Revenue for Producers

New Partnership with Sanucasa to better serve Central America

Hypor Customer Takes Maple Leaf Food’s Top Award

Hypor Installs New Feeding Stations in Canada

Hypor Partners with Brazil’s Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA) to Facilitate Swine Imports with Renovated Quarantine Facility

Hypor Magnus Finishers Consistently Rank in Top 10 On Maple Leaf Foods’ Carcass Quality Index

Hypor Kanto Boars Shipped to Spain and Japan to Meet Strong Demand for Premium Pork

World’s Most ‘Prolificient’ Sow Debuts, Helps Swine Producers to ‘Reach for the Stars’

Hypor Maxter Outperforms Top Boars in Feed Gain and Carcass Quality According to Recent Field Trial

Hypor Magnus scores higher than leading U.S. Boar in feed efficiency and meat quality

New Partnership with Tempel Genetics to Expand Hypor´s Breeding Program in U.S.

Hypor invests in new technology for Canadian and U.S. swine genetic improvement

Hypor’s balanced breeding approach

World Class Genetics Delivered Locally

Creating Value in the Pork Production Chain

Hendrix Genetics Academy; Accelerating the Future

Minimize lag between performance and get progress

Hypor Libra Finishers Growing Success Worldwide

CCPS in Breeding Value Estimation

Decoding the Genetics of Meat Quality Study

Johan van Arendonk Chief Innovation & Technology 

What to Expect on Innovation

Feed Trial Outcome Hypor Magnus

Optimizing How We Estimate Breeding Values 

Hypor Explores the Genetics of Taste and Appetite Control in Pigs

Hendrix Genetics Research & Technology Center Facts

Hypor Breeders Sent to Sri Lanka

Philippines received 333 Hypor GGPs

Hypor Breeding Animals to Taiwan

Introduction Animation Expect More

What Can You Expect On Collaboration?!

Hypor’s Boar Value Report Delivers You the Advantage

New Trait Added: Litter Uniformity!

Average Birth Weight and Uterine Capacity - Whitepaper

Higher Test Weights - Delivering Feed-Efficient Finishers

Central AI - Delivering The Best Genes The Fastest

Tackle Boar Taint and Unpleasant Odors

Hypor @ EuroTier 2014 Hannover Germany

Sunnyside Colony of Manitoba Awarded!

France Gènes and Hypor expand distribution partnership in France

Photo Report JapfaHypor Genetics Company

Testes size as predictor for semen production and relation to female reproductive traits

Customer Testimonial Hypor Maxter

Expect More from our Pioneering Work on Genotyping

Trial: Expect More with Hypor Maxter

Hypor has access to a High Performance Computing Cluster



Raf Beeren, Managing Director Hypor:

"Always in tune with market conditions, Hypor will continue to create value through its pig breeding program. And collaborate within robust networks to support the development of innovative and sustainable solutions. With Hypor’s expertise and resources, we guarantee you can expect more."