The Swine Support App by Hendrix Genetics

Interested in ways to improve your swine business? A new support app is now available!

A new technical support app for the pork industry is launched. Called the Swine Support app. With demanding markets, global challenges and locally the same old network, you can now tap into a bigger world of support. Where information is gathered from top experts around the world. Technical support at your fingertips free of charge.

Hypor, the swine brand of Hendrix Genetics, is excited to share PIG news. Launching a new technical service app, called: Swine Support. Setting the standards in sustainable swine breeding starts with good genetics, but doesn’t stop there. With a better flow of information we can all benefit. With a fast and swift technical platform you’ll get answers on your technical questions. The industry gains with a smoother throughput and better ROI. At the end consumers will have a safer and more secure supply of pork meat. And we?! We gain insights in common regional interests or differences, so we can tailor our support far better. Let’s create a smoother path together and grow as an industry. Leading the way to a brighter future.

Swine Support app benefits:

  • User-friendly and value-added technical support information
  • Answers all your technical questions within 24 hours
  • Smooth throughput and better ROI
  • Safe and secure supply of pork meat
  • Get insights on regional interests or differences that would allow you to tailor and support your customers better

Do you want more information about the Swine Support app?

Your local sales representative will tell you all about it. Or you can just give it a try! Download the app on your mobile device today!

Why now, this Swine Support app?

We support our current customer base around the world with care. We have flown far and wide. With swine genetics, we provide the potential an animal has, but getting the most out of your herd comes down to many aspects in which a pork producer needs to be an expert. Having the right management skills and tools available, battling nearby diseases and challenges, getting the right laborer force… Why not think bigger?! Combining expertise makes sure the world gains on more sustainable swine industry. Improving economic, social, and environmental aspects. It is our aim to support all pork producers around the world and setting new standards to realize our mission and vision. We predict for the future: Swine can become a good fit for contributing to a circular economy! We want to be part of the solution in order to feed a growing world population.

We also see big changes due to COVID-19 restrictions. It has been hard to travel and deliver personalized support. We recognize that it already was difficult to provide service on-farm, depending on location, timing, and biosecurity. Due to the worldwide pandemic, we wanted to do more. Set new standards! Therefore, we bought holo-lenses and send them to our customers around the world, to create a ‘nearby’ support that zooms in on specifics of a location. Nevertheless, with all innovative high-tech availabilities, a swine support app can service more pork producers at the same time. Let’s grow together, let’s grow as an industry into a connected supportive network.