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发表于 2018年5月15日

Artificial intelligence project opens new possibilities in swine

The swine AI (Artificial Intelligence) project that Hendrix Genetics and its partner BrainCreators are working on, is using AI to predict individual slaughterhouse traits for swine before they are processed. 

This technology is very promising, because it would allow geneticists to connect genes to traits like toughness, intermuscular fat, net carcass weight and taste. This closes a knowledge gap and helps connect processing traits with traditional phenotypic traits like growth rate, fat thickness and weight at different days. 

Hendrix Genetics is excited to partner with BrainCreators, an AI company based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands for this project that is to be completed this quarter. This investment aims to create value throughout the value chain, from genetics, right thru to processing.

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Although DNA is a set of instructions, it is not always clear what the instructions are for. Hendrix Genetics geneticists work tirelessly to link genes to certain traits. Once certain genes are known to produce desired results, breeding programs then have a clear direction to work towards. The challenge that is often faced with animal breeding, is that there are many individuals and those individuals are not always available to be tracked and studied throughout the value chain. A clear example of this, is found in swine, where there are many individuals and when they go to slaughter and are processed, it becomes difficult to observe their individual traits in the plant. 

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We are very proud to be one of the first teams within Hendrix Genetics to be involved in AI. With the application of this technology, we aim to increase the accuracy of selection for a number of traits that are impossible to measure on the live animal. Thus adding extra value in the pork value chain.

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Abe Huisman
R&D Director, Swine

It is clear by now that artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the world as we know it. Like Amazon, Google and Apple, Hendrix Genetics, sees AI as a critical component of its future. As this project nears completion, Hendrix Genetics is well underway in adding a new tool, to its toolbox of technology; as it strives to bring value through innovation, collaboration and sustainability. 


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Haven Colony 顺利完成迁舍过程

如何让猪习惯从猪栏到群养猪舍的居住环境变化,对猪本身和养猪的生产厂家来说都是一个不小的挑战。要是能够平稳顺利地完成该过渡,就不会对猪的胃口造成影响,也不会妨碍充分发挥其产肉潜力。Haven Colony 的(猪老板)Terry Mandel 是一位经验丰富的生产商,他深知动物的性情在这一变动过程中的重要性。

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如果您认为强有力的生物安全保障对牲畜养殖业务无足轻重,那么您不妨设想一下,离开了它,您将如何生存和发展。在当今时代,PRRS(猪繁殖和呼吸障碍综合征)、ASF(非洲猪瘟)等疾病层出不穷,威胁日益加剧,保护牲畜的健康并非可有可无,而是必不可少。因此,各地育种机构希望能够采取相关措施来保障畜群安全,改善盈利状况。面对这种诉求,基因公司推出了各种解决方案,BioHypor 计划便是其中的佼佼者。