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Published on Jan. 8, 2018

Hypor’s Commitment to Quality Attracts Top Breeder

Last month, Hypor signed a long-term breeding contract with their new Great Grandparent (GGP) nucleus farm in France for their Hypor Large White. The farm (SCEA du Bois de Thiouzée) is owned by Bertrand Tirel, one of the best and most experienced nucleus breeders in the country. Tirel went looking for a cutting-edge company to align with and found it in Hypor.

The deal was facilitated by Julien Briant, General Manager Hypor France, and  Jérôme Gautier from IMEVIA, the main dam line distributor of Hypor in France. It represents a major step for both parties. 

Hypor Julien Briant

Tirel’s state-of-the-art SPF farm and its new investments combined with the high quality of the Hypor Large White sows will strengthen Hypor’s global breeding program.

Hypor Julien Briant
Julien Briant
Hypor General Manager France

Tirel was intrigued by the caliber of the Hypor Large White sows, Hypor’s investment in R&D (research & development) and the technology employed in their breeding program. “The size of the sow surprised me enormously compared to what I used to see in my breeding every day. The robustness and leg strength are impressive. I see calm animals who are very maternal (no lift system) and wean more than 13 uniform piglets. The piglets are homogeneous and heavy at birth, even on the primiparas sows”.


“My choice to join Hypor was not done on a whim,” says Tirel. “I wanted to make sure that any deal would be based not just on money or publicity but mutual interest and trust.” Given that Tirel had his choice of partners, it spoke volumes that he chose Hypor. “I’m pleased to be working with a company that invests heavily in R&D to go further, faster. Since they have no commercial stake in companies in the downstream of the sector, Hypor’s only focus is progress through high performing products, and that should make for a sound partnership.”

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