Animal Breeding


Animal breeding focuses on producing improved offspring. Genes determine many of the desirable qualities of an animal. We select animals with desirable qualities and breed them to produce even better offspring. The overall breeding goal of Hypor is to produce pigs that thrive under all conditions to support pork production at least cost. To support this goal we aim for:

  1. The fastest genetic improvement, the most efficient and a secure gene flow
  2. The best genes in a biologically balanced & economically profitable animal
  3. A well-balanced product portfolio of sire and dam lines to meet market demands
Hypor drawing process genomic selection
Hypor piglets

Total System Profitability

Hypor's breeding philosophy is based on the factors that influence Total System Profitability. It focuses on maximizing the bottom line of the total system instead of focusing on maximizing performance in a single trait or phase. It is based on the understanding that everything is connected.

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Research & Development

Research and Development (R&D) has always been a key focus at Hendrix Genetics, its pioneering approach and sound science have positioned the company as a worldwide quality leader in animal genetics.

Our R&D programs
Hypor drawing breeding value


Hypor has been selecting for multiple important traits and shows consistent improvement for many targets. We aim to improve the overall performance of sow and finishing pigs by creating a balance in both the sow and her piglets. 

Our selection methods

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