Sharing data

Sharing information allows greater insight and accelerates the progress of science, technology and development. Our skilled experts are committed to help customers ensure that genetic potential is translated into on-farm performance.

To benchmark individual on-farm performance Hypor has an extensive database of farrowing-, finishing- and slaughter data. Continuous monitoring with a full set of dashboards provides you with the information to improve your bottom-line in all phases of production. Ultimately, hitting the ‘sweet spot’ on the grid of your packer will become a lot easier.

Hypor drawing data
Hypor drawing RTC

Trials and precision farming

Hypor conducts feed trials in different parts of the world to develop nutrient specifications. The trials leverage the most recent scientific and technical information available. Due to regional differences in ingredient availability, boar choice and feeding phases, tailored feed strategies are essential. Ideally, we want to treat each pig as an individual.

Precision farming is management by continuous automated real-time monitoring of production, health and welfare. Hypor has the in-house expertise to build and maintain tailor-made software programs. In the future, new tools will register and analyze: group behavior, individual water- and feed intake, weight estimation and sound analysis to ensure that antibiotics are used judiciously and maximize capacity.

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