Improving feed efficiency has become more and more important. The industry goal of 30 pigs per sow per year is much more than selecting genetics. Maternal nutrition is important in creating and supporting large litters. Nutrition and feed management insights in the finishing phase are as important as maintaining good health and having selected the right pigs in achieving the optimal grid score.


Nutrition Support 

The sow and gilt feeding program outlines nutrient specifications for gestation and lactation diets. The most recent scientific and technical information available in the development of these nutrient specifications are used. 

Sows are the economic engine of swine production and define the prolificacy and maximum productivity of the entire system. While they are a small portion of the whole herd they consume approximately 20% of the feed farrow to finish. 

For our specialized sires we provide a summary of nutrient recommendations. These are based primarily on internal research and have been validated in commercial environments around the world. The NRC (2012) serves as the basis for the information presented.

Gregory Simpson
Swine Nutrionist & Product Manager