We support pig producers with science based information and practical advise on diseases, vaccinations, biosecurity and health care. Good stocking rate, good ventilation, good nutrition and vaccination help to keep pigs healthy and profitable.


Health Support

The complexity of diseases in a globalized world calls for an effective health strategy, based on science and proven practical experience. It is crucial to address threats with a concrete, transparent and consistent approach. Which is vital for the management, both at the national and international level. We want to reduce threats as much as possible by delivering High Health / SPF Status animals, guarding biosecurity systems and creating the right vaccination plans. 

Hypor’s Health team provides the advice needed to support in preventing and managing serious animal disease outbreaks. Improving animal health systems is the most effective way to safeguard global animal- and human health.

Collaboration among the various partners is critical to effective and efficient efforts. 

Wouter Deley, DVM
Senior Veterinarian & Health Manager Hypor

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