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Abe Huisman

Job title: Director R&D
Drive: Solving the puzzle.      
Life slogan: All will be fine.


Patrick Charagu

Job title:  Senior Geneticist
Drive: Practical implementation of animal breeding and genetics for the betterment of mankind.
Life slogan: Live and let live.


Florence Ytournel

Job title: Geneticist                
Drive: Combining scientific improvement and practical solutions.
Life slogan: Two sitting intellectuals will never go as far as a stupid person walking.

Konrad Broekman

Job title: Senior Geneticist
Drive: Develop long-lasting partnerships by implementing a robust and successful breeding program.
Life slogan: Suit the action to the word.

Selection & Quality Control

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Peter Derks

Job title:  Manager of Selection and Breeding Coordination
Drive: Translating theory into practice in a way that every customer gets maximum efficiency and genetic progress. Also to work together with different people to get a perfect breeding pig.
Life slogan: Only in a dictionary you will find ‘success’ before ‘work’.

José Ángel Pedrido

Job title:  Product Manager
Drive: With a technical base, playing in the sales team or in the production department, my goal is always the costumer’s satisfaction.                  
Life slogan: Carpe diem


José M. Requejo Puerto

Job Title:  Geneticist Coordinator Spain
Drive: Changing the way of genetic progress and bring genomics to customers.
Slogan: Trust yourself to reach your goals.

Health & AI

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Wouter Deley, DVM

Job Title: Senior Veterinarian and Health Manager
Drive: Being able to influence and steer pig production into a healthier and more profitable production.
Slogan: Whatever you do, do it right the first time.


Peter Gerrits

Job title: International Technical Specialist Central & Eastern Europe
Drive: Learning people how to get the best out of Hypor genetic material.
Life slogan: See, think and act.


Iñigo Gonzalez de Lanzagorta

Job Title:  Hypor Lleida AI station chief
Drive: Knowing everything I did today is better done than yesterday.
Slogan: Tomorrow: More and Better!

Technical Support

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If you have a question about Technical Support, leave the team a message and we will personally get back to you.


Jeroen van de Camp

Job title:  Director Global Support
Drive: Thinking in generations is the most exiting subject to talk about, that’s why breeding is my passion. It’s all about predicting the future based on experiences from the past!
Life slogan: Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.

Wenbo Zhang

Job title: Production and Technical Support Director
Life slogan: Detail Decides Success or Failure. Personality Decides Destiny. 
Drive: Attention, Mindfullness and Diligence are shortcuts to improve one’s work.

Gregory Simpson

Job title: Nutritionist / Product Manager
Drive: The success of the clients I work with.
Life slogan: Success does not consist in never making mistakes but in never making the same one a second time (George Bernard Shaw).


Egidijus Mickevicius

Job title: Eastern Canada Sales and Service
Drive: Reproduction and cost efficiency interaction.  
Life slogan: Knowledge is power!



Ernie Meyer

Job title: Manager Production and Technical Services Hypor USA
Drive: To learn something new each day that will make me better than yesterday and to pass this knowledge on to our customers to make them better each day.
Life slogan: “The difference between a successful person and others, is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.” by Vince Lombardi.

Lanny Ziola

Job Title: Meat Specialist &
Technical Service
Drive: Always learning from others and developing my own experience.
Life Slogan: We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.


Luis M. Laborda Usan

Job title:  Technical Service Chief
Drive: Life will get you as far as you want it to.    
Life slogan: It is wonderful that we will never stop learning.


Nerea Martinez Amesti

Job title: Technical Service
Drive: My family
Life slogan: The only thing that requires no effort in life is being an idiot.


Sales Support

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Raf Beeren

Job title: Managing Director Hypor
Drive: Making the impossible possible.
Life slogan: The glass is half full.


Gianluigi Clerici

Job title: Key Account Manager France & Italy            
Drive: Veterinary background with international and commercial experiences. 
Life slogan: Memento Audere Sempre (Remember to always be daring).

John Williams

Job title:  Account Manager USA
Drive: Provide good honest service and support at home and in the field. Family’s weather it’s my own or my customers depend on my support.
Life slogan: Our life is a reflection: 10% of the challenges and opportunities that come our way and 90% of how we respond.

Luis Prieto

Job title: General Manager Americas
Drive: Helping my team to suceed.
Slogan: Nobody can take away what you already know.

Chris Tokaruk

Job title: Area Manager Canada
Life slogan:


Gilbert De Roy

Job title: Représentant des ventes et services techniques Quebec
Drive: Patience & perseverance
Life slogan: Il faut s’adapter aux épreuves de la vie (We must adapt to life's trials).

Jason Zhu

Job title: General Manager China
Life slogan:


Marco de Almeida

Job title:  Director Business Development South America
Drive: Partnership has no limits
Life slogan: Honour and resilient courage will get us the best in life.


Nicolas Alvarez Hoggan

Job title:  General Manager Europe
Life slogan:

Xiaoping Zhou

Job title: Director of Service and Sales Hypor China
Drive: Dedicated to giving the best service and sales.
Life slogan: Working for value.

Ton ten Dam

Job Title:  Area Manager Central Eastern Europe & Africa
Life slogan:

Marketing Support

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Sophie Claassen - Van de Pas

Job Title:  Director of Marketing & Communication
Life Slogan: