Hypor Myrus

Hypor Myrus has the highest percentage of lean meat. Selected from the world’s largest German Piétrain breeding animal population, these terminal sires deliver uniformity, excellent feed conversion and steady growth.

Hypor Myrus

The Leanest Pork Quality

  • Lean Meat
    Hypor Myrus is the boar for high lean meat, low backfat and muscled hams. Hypor Myrus produces steady growing, efficient, and uniform finishers that meet the high lean specifications.
  • Steady growth 
    Hypor Myrus shows a steady growth in nursery, rearing, finishing, all the way up to slaughter. No longer do growth and consistency have to be compromised in the pursuit of lean. All are carefully selected by Hypor's experts from the German Piétrain population.
  • Excellent feed conversion
    Hypor is focusing on feed conversion in Hypor Myrus and all of its product lines – the result is more efficient pigs and lower costs at the commercial level.   
  • Class leading uniformity
    Minimizing weight variance at the outset helps minimize it at the end. Hypor Myrus progeny are more uniform in build and weight from birth to market.
  • HAL gene / stress negative
    Stress gene negative pigs are less susceptible to pre-slaughter stress and less prone to late stage and transport-related mortality and meat quality defects such as PSE.
Hypor Myrus

Leanest Meat

Hypor Maxter

Fastest Growth

Hypor Magnus

Quality Meat and Fast Growth

Hypor Kanto

Best Quality Meat