Hypor Landrace & Large White

Maternal pure lines that have been developed to produce Hypor Libra. Based on enhancing prolificacy, weaning ability, stayability and ease of management but we didn’t stop there. We extended our focus to include improving carcass leanness and feed efficiency.

Hypor Dam Lines

The world's greatest grandparents

  • Lasting Performance
    Both Hypor maternal pure lines are known for excellent conformation, structure and feet & leg quality. Combined with our focus on stayability the result is high retention rates, more pigs weaned per sow lifetime and lower genetic cost per pig produced. 
  • Lean and Efficient
    By looking beyond the traditional measures of productivity and including carcass and feed efficiency scores in our maternal line indexes, Hypor has significantly improved the efficiency and finishing traits of its maternal pure line animals, maternal parent stock and finishing pigs. That’s three generations of improved feed efficiency and carcass grades!
  • Maternal Behavior
    Hypor Landrace and Large White are known for their calm and docile demeanor, making them easy to manage and suitable for a wide range of housing options.
  • Easy Management
    Hypor Landrace and Large White lines are easy to manage in the breeding barn and the farrowing room – no advanced degree required to get top performance from Hypor maternal lines. 
  • Highly Productive
    Combined with excellent milk production, nipple quality, quantity and spacing, Hypor maternal lines can wean large litters consistently and over a long productive lifetime. Hypor maternal pure lines produce uniform, heavy and high quality gilts, ready for parent stock selection.