Expect More with Hypor Maxter

Hypor Maxter; a fast-growing, stress-negative boar line that offers superior growth potential and meat quality. 

Hypor Maxter

Hypor Maxter versus German Pietrain Trial

In a new study coordinated by the regional Ministry of Agriculture in Saxony, Germany , the performance of two Pietrain lines was compared. Hypor‘s piglets bred from Hypor Libra sows and Hypor Maxter boars showed superior growth potential compared to the other Pietrain line. Hypor Maxter offspring exhibit a minimum 100 g advantage in average daily gain compared to pigs sired by German Pietrain boars along with very good carcass- and meat quality values.

Along with previous studies, the results confirm that Hypor Maxter is an extremely fast-growing Pietrain that achieves very good meat quality values due to its halothane free status. Hypor Maxter boars provide optimal results for producers who want to improve growth at finishing in comparison to Duroc- or synthetic boar lines and are ideal for farms with high technical performance, when the maximum growth potential of Hypor Maxter offspring can be achieved. 

Jeroen van de Camp

Job title:  Director Global Support
Drive: Thinking in generations is the most exiting subject to talk about, that’s why breeding is my passion. It’s all about predicting the future based on experiences from the past!
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