Testes size as predictor for semen production and relation to female reproductive traits

Hypor tested testes size and results showed that boars with bigger testes produce semen with a higher concentration of spermatozoa than boars with smaller testes and, therefore producing more doses, although the volume produced is reduced. In addition, positive correlation to female reproductive traits, such as total piglets born and percentage of piglets born alive, have been found in boars with larger testes.

The genes of top boars from Hypor’s nucleus and satellite nucleus farms are distributed via Central AI Stations. This guarantees optimal genetic connection of the satellite nucleus farms within the global breeding program. It also accelerates the gene flow within the network, as the best genes are spread in the fastest way throughout Hypor’s entire global breeding population. This is just one of the major benefits of Hypor's breeding structure.

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Florence Ytournel

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