Hypor Customer Takes Maple Leaf Food’s Top Award

Manitoba, Canada – On July 20, 2016 at their annual award ceremony in Portage la Prairie, Maple Leaf Foods awarded Sunnyside Colony the 2016 Top Overall Signature Producer (Manitoba). 

Award criteria includes: best average weights, loin sizes, loin premiums, indexes, yield percentages, health, and tattooing proficiency.  This is an enormous accomplishment made even more impressive when considering the 1100 sow Manitoba farm’s live animal performance:  in 2015, Sunnyside Colony weaned 31.77 pigs per mated female, marketed 30.18 pigs per mated female, wean to market growth rate was 0.778 kg/day and growing pig feed conversion ratio was 2.599 (whole herd 2.773).  Hogs were marketed at an average of 121.6 kg live weight. 

        It’s also very important to note that this is the third year in a row that Sunnyside Colony has won Maple Leaf’s top award while also having won Hypor’s Kenlis Cup for sow productivity in 2013 and again in 2014.  So in addition to producing excellent finishing and grading hogs, they are also producing a lot of them, and they are doing so with great consistency – an excellent example of Hypor’s philosophy of Total System Profitability.    

        Sunnyside Colony produces their own Libra* parent stock gilts using the BioHypor in-house nucleus program and uses Hypor’s Magnus Duroc semen.  Our heartfelt congratulations to Joe, Joseph Jr., Jonah, Elliot, Cort, and Damian! 

        We’re also thrilled to acknowledge three full program Hypor customers recognized by Maple Leaf for top index at the same awards ceremony - #3 Sommerfeld Colony, #4 Skyview Colony, and #5 Sunnyside Colony.  Again, our sincere compliments to these excellent producers.