World’s Most ‘Prolificient’ Sow Debuts, Helps Swine Producers to ‘Reach for the Stars’

Hypor Libra*, a new commercial sow backed by the top Landrace genetics, eight years of genetic testing, and state-of-the-art technology has been developed by Hypor to help producers reach total system-profitability.


 “This is the world’s most ‘prolificient’ sow—the sum of prolific and efficient,” says Hypor General Manager of Europe Nicolas Alvarez Hoggan. “She balances prolificacy with efficiency to help producers reach for the stars and achieve total-system-profitability.”

Hypor Libra* (pronounced Libra Star) is named after the star constellation, Libra, due to her ability to balance production, quality and efficiency while maintaining her traits in mothering, longevity and stayability.

“It’s important to have all of these traits balanced,” says Hypor Director of Research and Development Abe Huisman. He explains that while Hypor Libra* isn’t the best in any one trait, she is the best combination of all the traits.

“It’s easy to focus on one trait and make it progress, but you don’t want animals that grow fast and are susceptible to other kinds of environmental factors.”

Hypor Libra* is the culmination of genetics from the Hypor Large White and the Hypor Landrace+++ (a hybrid of the top three Landrace sub-populations in prolificacy, leanness and weaning capacity).

“We combined the genetics from the best of the best to develop Hypor Libra*,” Huisman says. “She brings more genetic progress to the producer and makes reaching total-system-profitability attainable.”

“At the end of the day producers need a sow that is prolific and efficient,” Alvarez says. “The Hypor Libra* is both.

Here’s a close-up look at how Hypor Libra* helps swine producers to ‘reach for the stars:’ 

  • Litter size is important—and so is the quality of the litter. “We developed the sow to produce uniform piglets at birth that have a good weight,” Alvarez says. “This gives piglets a better start and a better performance later in life.” Hypor Libra* has a higher weaning capacity and the capability to produce more than 30 piglets per year.
  • High daily gain is key to profitability. Hypor Libra* boasts a rate of daily gain that is above 900 grams per day (2 pounds). “A five percent higher daily gain for growers is a 12 percent increase in profit,” Alvarez says. “For example: that would be an extra 265,000 EUR (298,522.50 USD) a year for a 15,000-head farrow-to-finish operation.” Hypor Libra* piglets take approximately 178 days to reach 120 kilograms (264 pounds).
  • Quality of meat directly affects the producer’s bottom line. “The Hypor Libra* is a very lean sow that helps produce the level of carcass quality that packers desire,” Alvarez says. “The lower Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) and a desired carcass quality decrease the overall feed cost and increase the revenue from the meat packer.”
  • “Feed efficiency Decreases Production Costs. “Feed intake for the Hypor Libra* is adjusted at 1.10 kilograms (2.4 pounds),” Alvarez says. “This helps to lower the overall feed cost for sows, piglets and finishers.” Feed accounts for 60 to 70 percent of the total cost of production.
  • Pig temperament lowers labor expenses. “The improved weaning capacity and stayability of the Hypor Libra* decreases the overall labor cost per piglet,” Alvarez says. He explains that the superior mothering ability of the Hypor Libra* minimizes the amount of labor that is spent cross-fostering pigs. Sows that are easy to manage minimize the amount of labor per pig, and last longer in the herd.