Feed Trial Outcome

Hypor Magnus – our boar line offering fast growth and quality meat is the ideal boar for systems with challenged environments or high pork quality requirements. In a recent trial that explored its performance with different feed strategies, its versatility was put to the test with some surprising results that confirm Magnus can deliver superior results across the world. 


Gregory Simpson

Job title: Nutritionist / Product Manager
Drive: The success of the clients I work with.
Life slogan: Success does not consist in never making mistakes but in never making the same one a second time (George Bernard Shaw).

The Hickory Ridge Trial

The trial was held last year in the US. It explored the performance of almost 300 Hypor Magnus boars under different feeding strategies. Half of these boars were finished on a flat energy feeding strategy, in which they received a fixed proportion of energy within their diet throughout finishing. Their performance was compared the other half fed an increasing energy feeding strategy, in which the proportion of energy was increased over a phased period in the diet. 

To the surprise of Hypor’s researchers, the two groups performed equally well across all performance indicators. Those fed an increasing energy strategy only delivered a slightly higher lean yield. 

“The synergies in the results of the Hickory Ridge Trial show that Hypor Magnus boars maintain excellent feed efficiency, achieve high growth rates to produce a high value carcass no matter what the feeding strategy is,” said Gregory Simpson, Swine Nutritionist/Product Manager at Hypor. “Hypor Magnus has versatile capacities that enable it to thrive and deliver optimal production in different parts of the world.” 

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