Hypor Libra Finishers a Growing Success Worldwide

Maternal traits account for a high proportion of finishing and carcass characteristics. Hypor’s balanced breeding program ensures that Hypor Libra is not only an efficient, durable and easy-to-manage sow, but an excellent choice for high quality finishers that offer outstanding uniformity, growth rate, feed efficiency, and carcass leanness. With these significant advantages, Hypor Libra Finishers help pig producers all over the world achieve total system profitability.

Suited to Domestic Markets 

Pig production in the US is largely focused on serving domestic markets. 
Hypor is a relatively young player in the US. Hypor Libra was first imported from Canada, until five years ago, when a US nucleus herd was established. Since then, the strengths of Hypor Libra and Hypor Libra Finishers have helped Hypor establish a foothold in the tough US market. 

“The US market has traditionally focused on selection on the basis of reproduction traits that deliver the maximum number of piglets at farrowing, however, using lines known for extremely high total born can often lead to low-viability pigs,” said Brent Gary, Hypor’s US Sales Manager. “Hypor’s focus is on total performance, not just at farrowing. Our commitment to balanced breeding with Hypor Libra has resulted in a dam line program that optimizes the quantity and quality of finishers produced. Hypor Libra sows wean large litters of lean, efficient, durable and fast growing pigs without requiring a lot of help from nurse sows and farrowing room staff. Hypor Libra piglets are more likely to survive and less likely to need assistance. They achieve better feed conversion, higher growth rates and higher slaughter weights.”

The US leads in many trends in global pig production. Slaughter weights continue to increase year-by-year. Ten years ago, the standard slaughter weight of finishers was approximately 255 lbs (115kg), now it is 280 + lbs (127kg).  Hypor Libra Finishers can achieve these weights, with an optimal feed efficiency to produce a high quality carcass that meets all US packers’ standards.

“There is enormous potential for Hypor Libra and Hypor Libra Finishers in the US market,” added Brent. “We have received a great deal of positive feedback on the performance of Hypor Libra sows –our customers find them exceptionally calm and easy-to-manage, efficient, hardy and quickly to return to estrus. And Hypor Libra Finishers from a wide variety of boars do extremely well. The complete package helps US pig producers improve total system profitability. We anticipate that growth in the use of Hypor Libra across the US will be significant in the next few years.”

Hypor Libra

... And Exports

By contrast, Germany has a strong export market alongside its domestic production.
Hypor has been established in the country for many years. Hypor Libra Finishers previously proved less successful in this dynamic market, which demands lean carcasses. However, through focus on the selection of terminal boars, Hypor has achieved significant improvements in the performance of Hypor Libra Finishers. 

“Hypor introduced the Hypor Maxter boar into Germany in 2012. Our customers knew that this boar produces high daily gain, but were surprised at the high meat percentage achieved in the resultant Hypor Libra x Hypor Maxter Finishers. They not only achieved a higher daily gain, but a better feed conversion. This is also important as feed prices continue to rise,” said Peter Heinrichs, Managing Director of Hypor in Germany. “Hypor Libra Finishers now enable us to rival our top competition in Germany.”

As in the US, slaughter weights in Germany are also continuing to increase by an increment of 1.1 lbs (0.5kg) each year. Data collected from slaughterhouses has shown that Hypor Libra x Hypor Maxter Finishers achieve results consistently above the required slaughter weight with a large proportion of high quality meat.

Hypor monitors and strives to enhance the performance of Hypor Libra and Hypor Libra Finishers continually. Through its balanced breeding program, it expects to continue to achieve further improvements that will strengthen the contribution of Hypor Libra Finishers to pork production across the world.