Hypor Sows Have Highest Colostrum Production

Recent studies show that Hypor sows have the capability to produce large litters and achieve a higher weaning capacity due to the amount of colostrum that they produce.

Colostrum intake also showed long-term effects on piglet growth, with the piglets that consumed > 290 g of colostrum gaining about 2 kg more live weight by 6 weeks of age.

Largest percentage of colostrum fat

In studies by Ghent University the Hypor sows produced the most colostrum with the largest percentage of fat compared to other breeds of sows. The recommended amount of colostrum needed for piglet survival and optimal performance is 250 grams. The average colostrum production of Hypor sows is far above this minimum.

The study also compared the colostrum fat content of the Hypor sow with sows from PIC, Topigs and Danbred. Fat is one of the most important ingredients in colostrum. The colostral fat is an efficient energy source for neonatal piglets. Hypor sows had a significant better fat percentage compared to other sows from PIC, Topigs 20, and Danbred.

In order for sows to produce large numbers of pigs, they need to have the weaning capacity to raise healthy litters. This research shows that Hypor sows produce the amount of colostrum and fat to raise large litters of full value pigs.

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