Combined Crossbred & Purebred Selection (CCPS) in Breeding Value Estimation

The genetic potential of an individual boar used to produce purebred progeny within a nucleus environment is not necessarily the same as when the same boar is used to produce crossbred progeny within a commercial environment. Combined Crossbred & Purebred Selection (CCPS) is a valuable tool that utilizes information from both the purebred- and crossbred progeny of a boar to estimate its true genetic potential.


Peter Derks

Job title:  Manager of Selection and Breeding Coordination
Drive: Translating theory into practice in a way that every customer gets maximum efficiency and genetic progress. Also to work together with different people to get a perfect breeding pig.
Life slogan: Only in a dictionary you will find ‘success’ before ‘work’.

CCPS whitepaper

Hypor collects data for CCPS from its own and selected customers’ farms. Meat, growth and feed conversion indicators are measured to help determine which individual boars deliver the best results under varying conditions. Hypor is also looking into using CCPS to enhance the selection of boars on the basis of an even wider range of traits.

From Data to Insight to New Applications to Challenges to the Growing Importance... 

Peter Derks tells all in the whitepaper. Download it here.

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