Value Creation

Creating value is a key priority. We aim to add value for all stakeholders in the entire pork production chain.

Creating Value in the Pork Production Chain 

Supplying top genetics for pork production at the least cost is at the core of our business. And we have more to offer. Creating value is a key priority by formulating solutions that support production and increase total system profitability.

Hypor’s genetic program is based on large populations that consist of two sow-lines: Hypor Landrace and Hypor Large White. Together, they parent the most balanced sow in the world; Hypor Libra. The four boar-lines: Hypor Maxter, Hypor Magnus, Hypor Kanto and Hypor Myrus ensure that you get the best meat or the most meat at least cost. 

To validate our goal of realizing the least cost of production, we test our purebred animals and offspring in a commercial environment. Hypor uses multiple Combined Crossbred Purebred Selection (CCPS) units to measure a variety of important traits: individual feed conversion, daily gain, back fat, muscle depth, fertility and disease resilience in a conventional health status. 

Once our boars are fully tested, we distribute the best genes via our Central AI stations. Making sure that genetic progress is maximized worldwide. 

The constant stream of on-farm performance and slaughter data demonstrate how our clients deliver feed efficient finishers that hit the grid. With these measurements and ongoing collaboration with customers and genetic experts, we progress every day, maximizing our products and their capacity.  

While the work of Hypor revolves around genetic progress, people make our business. Developing the best solutions involves listening and understanding, as well as sharing knowledge and advice. 

Our balanced approach is founded on strengthening four strategic pillars: Value Creation, Collaboration, Innovation and Sustainability.  With Hypor’s expertise and resources we guarantee, you can Expect More.

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