What we do today has an impact on the future. Sustainability is an important driver in setting new industry standards and stimulating innovation.

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Hi, my name is Pieter van As and I’m the Coordinator of the Hendrix Genetics Sustainability program. Supplying top genetics for pork production at the least cost is at the core of our business. And we have more to offer. Sustainability is an important driver in setting new industry standards and stimulating innovation. 

To breed for efficiency, animals that consume less feed and water are selected in the breeding program. In addition animals can be selected on the basis of their residual feed intake or utilization of lower quality feed ingredients. 

Hypor’s balanced breeding goals help advance the sustainability of pig production through robust animals with enhanced ability to perform in challenging environments. More tools and identification of new predictive biomarkers for animal health are being developed to select for improved robustness of animals. 

Hypor upholds a unique responsibility to ensure animal welfare. We breed sows with sufficient teats for their piglets and with an excellent Weaning Capacity. Group behavior is one of the traits Hypor selects for. It has an impact on feed efficiency, growth and on the wellbeing of each individual sow, piglet and finisher. 

Maintaining a high level biosecurity requires high health nuclei, back up of genetics lines and frequent health monitoring. Responsible use of antibiotics and breeding for disease resilience are the tip of the iceberg. We continuously monitor and measure animals to ensure progress on many biosecurity levels.

By applying Genomic Selection we can reduce the environmental footprint of pork production drastically in the coming 50 years. Reductions of up to 27% in Greenhouse Gases, up to 44% less Acidification and almost 58% less Eutrophication are achievable.

Our balanced approach is founded on strengthening four strategic pillars: Value Creation, Collaboration, Innovation and Sustainability.  With Hypor’s expertise and resources we guarantee, you can Expect More.

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