Hypor Explores the Genetics of Taste and Appetite Control in Pigs

Taste and appetite determine what and how much a pig eats and, therefore, have a direct influence on its performance. 

Finding New Opportunities

Genetics plays an important role in taste reception and the appetite reward system, however, little is known about this in pigs. In a recent study, Hypor joined forces with leading European universities to explore the genes involved with the hope of eventually finding new opportunities to select for positive traits in taste reception and appetite reward in its breeding program.

The study focused on finding damaging mutations of the genes that could negatively affect important pig production traits. It identified a large number of previously unknown variants of the genetic coding for both taste receptors and appetite reward genes. The potential impact of these variants was also ranked. Priorities have been identified for future research. 

Find out more about Hypor’s groundbreaking research by downloading the paper. 


Abe Huisman

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